An Analysis: Is the President-Elect Donald Trump a member of the Illuminati?

President Elect Donald Trump a member of the Illuminati ?
It has long been believed that power is not earned in western countries through democratic means or individual merit but through a shadowy organization called the Illuminati who determine which rulers they want to be in power. Rumours about Hillary Clinton and her husband, the former President Bill Clinton, have proliferated for years with many people believing that they were both full members of the Illuminati. Now it has been sensationally alleged that the President-elect Donald Trump has been initiated into the influential and highly nefarious organization. Could Donald Trump be a member of the Illuminati? The Illuminati are believed to signal to one another and swear allegiance to their secret oaths with hand signals, which include making the symbol of a six with one’s thumb and fingers and making devil’s horns with one’s fingers. These hand signals have strongly suggested to some people that Trump is affiliated to the organization as numerous photographs have emerged online of him making these sinister signs.
It has been suggested that Trump has been a long-standing member of the shadow organization. It is believed that his membership was afforded to him through his blood ties with his father, a businessman named Frederick Trump. It has been said that Frederick Trump was descended from a very wealthy elite family in Germany. While in Germany, it is believed that the ancestors of the current president-elect became closely connected with the Rothschild family and it was through this close working relationship that the Trump family first became affiliated with the Illuminati. Since this period, it is believed that Trump and his ancestors have been working to further their sinister agenda which will culminate with total world domination. Before the election, those who suspected both Trump and Clinton of Illuminati membership warned that Gary Johnson, the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, was the only person in the running who could be trusted to rule without an ulterior motive. However, these warnings were not heeded and Donald Trump was elected was the president. Now only his time in office will reveal whether he is a member of the Illuminati.

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